The check-in process
It is the process were we deliver the yacht to you. The Embarkation time is at 17:00. The skipper and the co-skipper will follow the check in process with our staff, following the list of equipment of the boat.
The check-out process
It is the process where you deliver the yacht to us. The Disembarkation time is at 09:00. The yacht should return in the base the night before the ending date, one hour before sunset, except if another time is pre-arranged with us. For possible delays, at the return of the yacht, you have to inform us immediately, because we have to prepare the yacht for the next charter.
Booking procedure
The 50% of the price is paid with the signing of the contract by bank swift to our account. The rest of 50% is paid 2 weeks before embarkation by bank swift to our account.